backwards and ahead

…and that concludes our holiday sabbatical from blogging.  Honestly, a mostly-technology free holiday was what I needed.  I loved every moment I spent just being with friends and family.

And I laughed way too much the past two weeks.  Probably a good thing.  Burning off the calories from all those m&m cookies I ate.  I did snag some photos from Jake’s first Christmas, those are coming to you later this week.

I’ll keep the recap post short and sweet this year, because there’s just too much that was good.  I couldn’t possibly cram it all into one post.  A whole year of goodness.  That started off so rocky.  Adam having surgery and not being able to walk for almost four months was draining.  Physically and emotionally.  But April.  April was OUR month.  And life just couldn’t have been better.  The rest of the year was a blur of baby snuggles, sunshine, boat trips, dinners with friends, long walks with our pup, vacationing in our favorite place with our favorite people, eating too much good food, drinking too much wine (ah I missed you during pregnancy), and relishing every baby giggle.

Life was crazy and slow at the same time.  I kind of loved it.

As for 2016…I work through Lara Casey’s goal setting every year (highly recommend) and well, this year, I didn’t even hesitate when asked what my word for 2017 was going to be.

It’s as simple as that.  Something my life needs more of.  And something we need to instill in others.  This word has been a hot topic in my little family this year.  Something we’ve struggled with as we’ve seen many others show a lack of grace and appreciation for others.  Something we’ve discussed at ends.  Adam and I have both put forth a lot of effort lately to be present, to show people we’re with that we appreciate them and to graciously accept help with unbounding thanks.

Gratitude is our focus for 2017.

And of course I still have a whole host of other resolutions…from learning something new to cooking new dishes, to NOT leaving the laundry unfolded for five days.  The little things, that make life so much easier.

Here’s to 2017.  May it be surgery-free and full of bubbly!

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  1. You really had a great year!!!So many things to be happy!
    I wish you all a wonderful 2016!
    Full of wonderful things!

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