anniversaries mean food. good food.

365 days as a married couple, that deserves a steak dinner right?  So, Adam and I headed to the well-known Strip Steakhouse in the historic district of Avon on Friday night to celebrate our first anniversary.

It was divine.  Seriously.The restaurant resides in a restored barn from 1851 that used to raise horses for military use.  It was dark and cozy inside with only a handful of tables to keep your meal feeling intimate and special.And the food.  Wow.  I will now tempt you with the few photos of our meal I snapped before devouring more than I should have.Starting with one of our favorites: Great Lakes Brewery’s seasonal Lake Erie Monster.  And then spent two hours feasting on homemade perogies, pretzel bread with peanut butter butter (amazing), strip steak, porterhouse steak, lobster pasta and garlic smashed potatoes.Oh, and they gave us a cake for dessert.  Because one year is a big deal.  And apparently we look like the kind of people who like to eat cake.It was amazing.  I cannot wait until we can save up some pennies to go back.  If you’re in the Cleveland area you should check out Strip Steakhouse, you won’t be disappointed.

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