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Every year I strive to be done Christmas shopping by the first week of December.  So that I can spend the rest of the month just enjoying the lights, baking up treats and relaxing with friends.169

As usual, I didn’t meet my deadline – but this year is the closest I’ve come to being completely done!  That deserves a sugar cookie, or two!

Of course, not needing to present hunt for anyone else leaves me a bit too much time to peruse some of my favorite shops for little gifts that I might like to receive.

::hint hint::

H&M’s MAMA collection is starting to become my go-to for maternity wear

This sweet calling bird napkin holder

Sugar, cream and coconut create the perfect candle

Nautical knots on display

My current go-to scent for daily wear

A whale who holds soap, does it get cuter?

Kate Spade never gets it wrong

  1. It doesn’t get cuter than porcelain figurines decorating the house. Love the little calling bird! I never know what to ask for for Christmas until I start gift shopping for others and then my list seems to multiply every day.

  2. Hi!!!!
    I’m a little late but I now know the wonderful news!!!!!
    I’m so happy for you two guys!!!!!

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